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Why Is The Kindle So Popular?

There can be no argument that Amazon is a global retail giant. What started as an online bookstore has now grown into the world's most dominant online store - even given the competition from Jack Ma's AliBaba juggernaut. But amodst all those wonderful Amazon deals on great wide screen TV's and patio furniture there is a star which does not seem to be getting as much press as it used to. It's a product that has revolutionized the way people absorb information - and it goes by the name of Kindle.

When the Kindle first came out it ushered in a revolution of eBook readers. It was (and still is) portable and allowed people to explore once again the wonders of the printed word. In a world that was rapidly losing sight of what it meant to read - in the face of Internet posts that were becoming more and more focused on video the Kindle was a breath of fresh air. But in that increasingly visual environment why did consumers flock to the Kindle? On the face of it - it made very little sense.

But consumers fell in love with the Kindle - and unlike many other tech products that come and go the Kindle remains a best seller. So what is it about this eReader that people love so much?

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The Kindle Paperwhite remains popular because it is simple. Its intuitive interface allows for a no fuss reading experience. The fact that the latest versions also have an anti glare screen makes it perfect to use irrespective of the weather - sun does not mean that your reading pleasure is a matter of timing - it allows you to enjoy a vast number of books at any time of the day.

That is another reason that the Kindle remains so popular. The vast number of titles that are available for download. New titles appear on a daily basis - and old favorites are waiting to be enjoyed. The Kindle boasts high resolution graphics capability and the ability to view images has become better and better with every release.

The latest Kindle Oasis takes the Kindle game to a whole new level though. Pundits have rated it as the best eReader ever made. It's waterproof and the high res display is just fantastic. It provides not only a reading experience but the ability to listen to audio books as well. Battery life can be neasured in weeks - not hours.

However it is a bit pricey at about 4250. But those who still want to enjoy that wonderful Kindle experience can get their hands on the new Paperwhite as well - for around 4130 for an 8 gig version. The entry level Paperwhite is still exceptional value at around $80.

If you are looking ( online technical support team )to up your reading game then the Kindle is just about the best eReader that money can buy. It should be an essential gift for a younger generation (or older book lovers) who might otherwise be captured by the mind numbing power of the Internet. Get one today.