SilverSingles' Help Center And Customer Care

Silver Singles Support

SilverSingles have been in the online dating industry for the last ten years or so. Over the years, they have helped thousands of senior online daters to land their matches and start their love lives. One may be tempted to ask what the reason behind this success is. Apart from advising their members on how to asset up their dating profiles, SilverSingles has also put in place a reliable and efficient help and support system to respond to members’ difficulties. This has been vital to the easy navigation of senior online daters on this site, helping them meet their matches in a stress-free way.

SilverSingles Help Center

SilverSingles’ help center is developed in a way to give each member a personalized way to search for a problem they are facing for personalized results. A search panel is available at their ‘help center’ section, and members can type in queries and get the relevant answers to whatever they are asking.

Help On Getting Started

The help center is also has a link that directs new applicants on how to get started on the online dating site. Further, there are links on how to register or sign up for an account on this site. The process of registration is well demystified to guarantees new members a smooth process. The site also provides information on how the personality test works, how to get matched with other members, and how to find a partner on the SilverSingles dating app.

Technical Support

Apart from information on how to get started, SilverSingles also offers help on technical issues related to their site. They provide information concerning the browsers that work best with their site so that their members have an easy time while navigating through their site using different gadgets. The help center also provides information to members on how to log in and out & provide online silver singles technical support service also. There’s also information about the steps one can take whenever they have forgotten their password or whenever they are deterred from logging in.

Managing Account

Members also get on the various ways of managing their accounts. These include ways of editing their profiles, changing the profile name, age, or height. Issues related to the display of profile updates are also explained in the help center. Since SilverSingles also enables its members to store photos, there is also helpful information on how to manage photos and how to change the profile photo.

Still, members are provided with information on how best they can secure their details, including the secure code for logging in. Online daters are also directed on how best to manage their email notifications and change a few things on their accounts such as the email address, password, and other preferences.

SilverSingles also guides its members on how they can meet their new matches. Apart from that, they also provide information on billing and subscriptions for premium users. SilverSingles also has another way of providing help to its users: articles on the frequently asked questions. What’s more, their customer care team is always ready to respond to questions sent via email to ensure that members enjoy a hassle-free online dating process.


Just as most sites, SilverSingles have established a help center in their site that helps their members access information about queries they may have. These queries could be related to their accounts or the matchmaking process. Their customer care center is also open to members who can visit, send a fax or email for their problems to be solved.